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The VIBE Card

Raise Your Vibration with Quantum Hologram Technology

checkmark-iconBoosts Cellular Energy!

checkmark-iconProtects from Ionizing Radiation!

checkmark-iconHarmonizes the Aura & Bio-electric System!

checkmark-iconBalances the Body with Quantum Frequencies!

checkmark-iconNatural, Non-invasive, Chemical FREE!




The Vibe Card is a breakthrough in energy medicine. Studies show it can boost the immune system, oxygenate the blood, and protect the body from harmful radiation.     

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Aura Photography

Live Blood Study

Kirlian Photography

Aura PhotographyYou can clearly see a difference in the energy and the aura after holding the Vibe card for only 20 minutes.


Live Blood Study

Live Blood Microsopy reveals that after holding The VIBE card for 20 minutes, there was a change in zeta potential and oxygen.


Kirlian Photography

Analysis of Kirlian GDV photography photos showed a clear boost in energy and psychological activity after only 20 minutes.


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